Form a Team

Teams are a great way to solicit donations and make your event experience more meaningful. A team can consist of people of all ages and its members can enter any Mercer Island Half events.

To form a team, use GetMeRegistered’s online system to register for an event and choose to create a team during the registration process. Additional materials to assist team captains in recruiting team members, and giving everyone on your team more information about raising money for colon cancer, will be available soon.

If you would like more assistance, email Mercer Island Half Team Support. Also visit Get Your Rear in Gear’s education resources page for more information and “talking points” on joining the fight against colon cancer.

How do I access and manage my team?

To access your team and/or view team members, enter your Team Captain’s name through GetMeRegistered¬†here. From this link you will be¬†able to manage your team and send out emails.