Events & Pricing1/2 Marathon 10K Run5K
Submitted up to December 31$55.00$40.00$30.00
January 1 - February 2$70.00$45.00$35.00
February 3 - March 1$80.00$55.00$45.00
March 2 - March 19$90.00$60.00$50.00
Event Weekend Registration$90.00$60.00$50.00
Kids' Dash (10 and under)$10.00

Bloomsday Run 2nd Seeding Qualification Info:

The Mercer Island Half Marathon is once again a qualifying race for the Bloomsday Run and their 2nd Seeding program.

What is 2nd Seeding you ask? 2nd Seeding is a special starting area on Riverside Ave reserved for runners who either placed in the top five in their age group in the previous year’s Bloomsday or who have run a “qualifying event” (Like the Mercer Island 10K) in the appropriate qualifying time (Men – 39:00, Women – 47:00).

If you plan to use your 10K time to register for second seeding in Bloomsday, you must pre-register for Bloomsday. Once you have qualified, contact Bloomsday’s second seed coordinator (through the above link) to coordinate getting registered as a second seeded runner. To receive more information on how to qualify and what steps to take after qualifying, please visit the Bloomsday Run’s 2nd Seeding page here:

Bloomsday – Second Seeding Informational Page