Christine Juvonen

Christine Juvonen kept putting off her first colonoscopy. After finally having it done at 51, she was shocked to discover that she had stage II rectal cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy began almost immediately after the diagnoses at Swedish Medical Center in November 2011, followed by surgery. Christine then learned she also had breast cancer. “What you going to do?” she states, “I got through the last one (rectal cancer), I know I can get through with this one!”

While in treatment for rectal cancer, she continued work as a hairdresser, and has also kept a blog, both to keep her clients informed and because it became part of her daily routine. “One cannot be all gloom and doom when people are supporting you,” she said. She has been encouraged by the affection and generosity of clients, friends, and family, as well as caregivers at Swedish. They have helpeed raise funds to help pay bills, and give her cheer. To read Christine’s blog; log on to and type in Tina Juvonen in the people search box.