Cindy Gallagher

Cindy Gallagher is a breast cancer survivor who told her oncologist that she often felt tired. She had had a colonoscopy three years prior, but because she was so anemic, she had another one to determine the cause. Her doctors found a bleeding polyp, which was diagnosed as stage I colon cancer. She has had a colon resection and was later diagnosed with Lynch syndrome, wich is a type of inherited cancer of the digestive tract, even though she had no known history of colon cancer in her family.

Cindy now knows that catching cancer early is the most important thing for survival. Because of her prior history with cancer, and the presence of Lynch syndrome, she realized that she was more susceptible to colon and other cancers and that early detection is vital. She has received treatment at the University of Washington and is grateful for the help of friends and fellow survivors, particularly Anita Mitchell, in her fight against this disease.