Debby Bayard

After living with colitis for 10 years, Debby Bayard was diagnosed with colon cancer on March 26, 2002 and was in surgery to remove her colon less than a week later. The first oncologist she met with looked at her chart and told her he didn’t know if he could help. She knew she needed someone who would not give up on her so she found another doctor to be on her “team.” As she was getting ready to start chemotherapy, she received a package in the mail that included a photo of a woman dancing, with the title, She Who is a Survivor. She knew then that no matter what tomorrow brings, today she is a survivor.

Debby would like others to know, “When you are fighting for your life against cancer, make sure to surround yourself with a medical team and support group that believe in you and will stand by you. Always remember that today you are a survivor.”