Galen Peterson

Galen “G-Unit” Peterson was 54 years old when he was first diagnosed with colon cancer. He fought the battle from December 2006 through October 2009, going through six surgeries(2 colon and 4 liver). Stage 4 when it went from the colon into the liver. After his 6th and final surgery, the tumors have stopped, and he has had no more chemothereapy. He plans to have a colonoscopy every three years and have one or two CT scans per year going forward.

Galen has been treated at St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way, UW Medical in Seattle, St. Joseph Hospital in Tacoma. The most important thing that has helped him fight colon cancer has been the support of family and friends. He also kept working and stayed very busy. He credits his faith and positive outlook for helping him stay the course. Says Galen: “Dr. Raymond SW Yeung saved my life and I will always be grateful to his work on my liver (and of course his team at UW Medical).”