Jude Kavalam

In September 2008, Jude Kavalam was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer with metastasis to the lymph nodes and liver. Jude recalls, “After the initial horror and disbelief, my family and I set out to fight this disease. We threw everything we had at it – chemo, exercise, diet, prayers, supplements, hugs, yoga, juices, juices and juices (a gallon a day!) and more hugs.” Jude has received treatment at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. There were also over 170 people in “Team Jude” at the 2009 Mercer Island Half.

Throughout his fight, Jude’s friends and family were his biggest help. In Jude’s words, his doctors also gave him “confidence that ALL the right things were being done.” Jude is very thankful that for nearly the past three years, he has continued to have clear scans and good test results. When asked what others could learn from his experience, Jude wrote “Numbers and percentages don’t determine your journey to life.”