Krista Maffia

Krista Maffia was 33 when she was first diagnosed with colon cancer. It happened shortly after the birth of her third daughter in October 2009. She went through two years of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation….everything. She was very brave throughout her battle. The cancer spread to her lymph nodes and her lungs. Sadly, she passed away on October 29, 2011. There had been no history of colon cancer in Krista’s family.

Krista’s friend Emily Paulson reports that Krista was treated at Meridian Park, Portland, OHSU Portland. The most important thing that helped in Krista’s struggle against colon cancer was staying positive. In Emily’s words: “Krista never let the cancer get the best of her. Even until the end, when it took her body over, she always lived every day until the fullest.”