Michelle Miller

My name is Michelle Miller from Royal City, WA and I had emergency surgery on Dec 3rd, just shy of two months since running my first marathon, to remove a golf ball size growth that had blocked my colon. I was 41 years old when I found out. Friday, Dec 13th I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon cancer because it was also found in 11 of 28 lymph nodes. We went to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for a 2nd Opinion and they concurred with the Tri-Cities Oncologist’s opinion and treatment plan so we chose to do treatments closer to home. I just finished round 4 of 12 chemo treatments and can’t complain. I am one tough cookie and an “Overcomer”, just like Mandisa’s song implies.  “Jesus replied, ‘What is impossible with man, is POSSIBLE with God’.” Luke 18:27

Michelle is receiving treatment at Kadlec Medical Center and Columbia Basin Hematology and Oncology. The most important thing that has helped her fight colon cancer is her faith in God, her amazing husband and 2 boys, her wonderful extended family and friends, and her positive and mental toughness! She feels very blessed and loved.

Her advice is to get regular check ups, be your own advocate, and NEVER give up! Faith and Positive attitude are very important along with a great support system and being able to ask for and accept help!