Peter Hunt

Peter Hunt was shocked with his diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer in August 2011, at age 51. A longtime Microsoft employee, he had never taken a sick day or leave of absence. When he turned 50, he delayed the recommended colonoscopy, because he felt so healthy. Finally, deciding to undergo the colonoscopy, he woke up to his sobbing wife and a grim looking physician by her side. Treatment started immediately since the cancer had spread to his liver and lymph nodes.

“The people looking after me have been unbelievable,” said Peter. “My oncologist contacted me three times a day on his day off to see how I was doing.” The doctors at Swedish Medical Center, Peter adds, are the best in the world. He feels fortunate to have the support of friends, colleagues and family around the world. The cancer has reconnected him with friends, family and colleagues in South Africa and other places he once lived. “I see goodness in people around me.” He has been able to keep his daily routine hardly changing or missing a day of work.