Sherryl Wendling

Sherryl Wendling was 44 when she was first diagnosed with colon cancer, after experiencing rectal bleeding. There had been no history of colon cancer in her family, but she found out during initial surgery that she had colorectal cancer stage 2A. She developed peritonitis soon after leaving the hospital and had a temporary ileostomy, as well as four months of 5fu chemotherapy. The ileostomy was revered a year later. As of the fall of 2011, she has had clear CT and good blood work.

Sherryl credits her “wonderful doctors and nurses” at St. Joseph (Peace Health) Hospital, along with her faith and family care and support, as the most important thing in helping to fight colon cancer. When asked what others can learned from her experience, Sherryl shared some interesting insights: “50 might be too late to be screened for colon/rectal cancer. I obviously had polyps for years before I was diagnosed. Dont assume blood in the stool is hemorrhoids! Tell your doctor and be checked!”