Steven Lampson

My father, Steven Lampson, was diagnosed with colon cancer when he was 80 years old and died of colon cancer in 2001. His birthday was March 23, the day of the run this year (2014). My father was a very successful businessman in Bloomfield, New Jersey, where he was a member of the Rotary Club for over 40 years. He proudly wore his Rotary pin and attended weekly meetings up until the last year of his life. A gentleman and scholar, my father was a proud grandfather and loving husband. His family misses him so much. My father received treatment at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York City and no one other then my father in my family has ever had colon cancer.

My father’s diagnosis came too late because he did not know about having a colonoscopy after he turned 50. Be sure to have a colonoscopy after you turn 50 or sooner if there is a first degree relative who has had colon cancer.

Nothing can bring him back now, but I would like to honor his memory by reminding everyone of the importance of having a colonoscopy and to not put it off because if you do, it could be too late.