Tony Kevin

Tony Kevin was experiencing unusual health symptoms and scheduled a colonoscopy just before he left on a trip to France. After he came home and had the colonoscopy,his doctors quickly discovered that he had a large tumor in his sigmoid colon. Two days later, he learned that his diagnosis was stage IV colorectal cancer. It’s been a tough journey and so far he has had 25 rounds of chemotherapy and five surgeries. He is doing well now and has another 12 months of treatment planned.

Tony, whose family had no history of colon cancer, has received his care at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. The most important thing that has helped his fight colon cancer has been “support from family and friends and a positive attitude.” When asked what he thought others could learn from his experience, he said this: “Face the tough emotions that this disease presents and don’t be afraid to accept support from friends and family. It’s so important to get your head on straight and get mentally prepared to fight this battle.”