Tricia Moen

Tricia Moen was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at age 36. As a producer for Seattle’s KOMO TV mid-day news program, she had the opportunity to advocate for colon cancer awareness through TV and radio interviews. In a series of emails shared with her network of friends, she chronicled her observations and feelings. She wrote: “You can’t spend a good amount of time in battle and not be changed. If nothing else it’s made me thankful for everything I have…a patient and loving family; an employer who understands what I’m dealing with; loving and funny friends…You’ve made me laugh–one of the greatest gifts one can give.”

Throughout her battle with colon cancer, Tricia embraced her treatment and fought the disease every step of the way. But she also knew that prevention was a lot easier than a cure. In her words: “My advice, talk to a doctor and if they suggest a colonoscopy, do it! Everyone should get one around your 50th birthday. If you’re under 50 and cancer runs in your family, talk to your doctor…”  Tricia died in May 2011, at age 39.